Caltech Thesis Style

This page contains style files used with LaTeX2e and/or LyX for writing theses conforming to the Caltech Ph.D. thesis regulations.

The LaTeX2e class was modified from the work of D. M. Zimmerman (v1.2). There is another package from A. D. Lewis which is (seemingly) more professional. However, I found his package after I had put some work on Zimmerman's, so little investigation has been done to Lewis's package.

Please look at the LaTeX2e class and/or the LyX template below for usage. I will write an installation guide in another page.

LaTeX2e Class

Quick installation note: Put these files in ~/.texmf/cit_thesis/ and add one line export TEXINPUTS=.:~/.texmf//: into your shell init-script file, e.g., ~/.bash_profile.
\ifpdf issue with MiKTeX 2.7: MiKTeX 2.7 may complain about \ifpdf already being defined. Simply remove or comment out lines 132-142 from cit_thesis.cls. Thanks to Eric Tai for sharing this fix.

LyX Layout

LyX is a WYSIWYM document processor which produces final output via LaTeX. My past experience with LyX shows that it helps to concentrate on the contents by taking care of many (La)TeX details for the writer. Its ability to work with many other softwares, such as XFIG and BibTeX, also dramatically reduces the work related to project management.

Quick installation note: Put the layout file to ~/.lyx/layouts/, the theorem definition file somewhere LaTeX can find, and the template file to ~/.lyx/templates/. Then reconfigure LyX by running LyX and clicking the menu Edit » Reconfigure.

A Special Note on TOC

Since the contents lines for figures and tables are not indented (a change introduced by Zimmerman to support long names), those for other stuffs, such as algorithms and theorems, should not be indented either. For example, the third parameter for \@dottedtocline in ntheorem.sty should be changed from 2.3em to 3.2em.

Versions (Change Log)

Note: Please let me know if there is any bug in the latest version. Email me if you want an older version.