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MilkTea: Simplified C to Java Assembly (Oolong) Compiler

By H.-T. Lin and C.-Y Wu, 1999.


MilkTea is a Simplified C to Java Assembly (Oolong) Compiler. It is the final project of the Compiler class that C.-Y Wu and I wrote in our junior year. We removed some features of C to make our works easier, while trying to finish as many important parts as possible. We did not have time to write full-documentation about this project, but we still welcome any further discussion about what we have or have not done.

We use flex and bison to create this compiler. If you want to try our source code, you will need to find these two programs.


PowerPoint Presentation(Chinese Only)

Full zipped souce files

Feel free to contact me: "htlin" at "csie.ntu.edu.tw"

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